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Assistant Grower

Are you a person that thrives in a work environment that is surrounded by beauty? Are you a person that wants to work for a company that has a great success story? Are you a person that wants to work for a company that will help you advance your career and grow with the company? If you answered yes to all of these questions we have an amazing opportunity for you at Van Belle Youngplants!

Van Belle Nursery Youngplants is located in Old Clayburn Village where the scenery is beyond beautiful. At this location we propagate 400+ varieties of plants, many of which are highlighted in our show garden. Van Belle Nursery practices open book management, sharing the financials and giving employees a stake in the outcome through a profit sharing program. We’re committed to the strong culture that has been cultivated through five Core Values: Best Effort, Always Positive, Respect People, Find A Better Way, and Do It Now. Every employee is responsible for protecting and contributing to our culture by living these Values.

We have recently promoted two individuals to higher level roles within our growing team at Young Plants and are now looking to find an Assistant Grower to join us.

Goals for this role:

  1. Support the Grower Team in the implementation of a successful production of high-quality plants,
    on schedule in the quantities requested by the Sales team
  2. Optimize environmental control through Argus/Hunter to provide conditions that are most favorable
    for maximum yield
  3. Be an active backup for the Growing team.

Responsibilities for this role:

  1. Plants
    a. Help to maintain up-to-date procedures of growing techniques; with the supervision of the
    Head Grower
    b. Constantly monitor crops and with the Head Grower make adjustments to achieve
    production goals
    c. Support all growing activities in propagation or finishing including:
    i. Water, Nutrition, Pruning, Sanitation and Weed management.
    ii. Planning proactively to space, move, force, and winterize crops
    iii. Ensuring all growing tasks are completed efficiently and on time for production or
    shipping needs
    iv. Updating Standard Operating Procedures for each crop and reviewing and updating
    growing templates yearly
  2. People
    a. Ensure staff are well-trained

b. Ensure equipment, and machinery is operated in a good and safe condition
c. Report health and safety concerns to the Safety Committee

  1. Finances
    a. Help to monitor the growing budget and forecast
    b. Responsible for inventory accuracy of plants (numbers, locations, ready dates)and growing
    supplies as these directly affect the balance sheet
  2. Assist the Head Grower with other duties as assigned.

Requirements to apply for this role:

● 1 Year of growing experience with ornamental nurseries/vegetable crops or in the horticulture
● Certificate, Diploma, Degree in any field of Agriculture / Horticulture and Spanish skills or 3 years
industry experience.
● Good knowledge of Argus/Priva – climate systems
● Strong leadership and organizational skills
● Experience leading teams of 5+
● Ability to multi-task effectively with excellent attention-to-detail
● Excellent problem solving and communication skills

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