Three years ago, head grower Diego Martinez began to experiment with new growing trays with a goal of improving drainage for better fresh root growth.

“On the West Coast there are many climactic growing advantages for shrubs. The plants love the rain, but sometimes there’s so much moisture it can damage the bottom inch of the root system. I needed a solution that would take full advantage of the conditions and keep the roots fresh.”

Diego and his team tested out many different trays, and although each had something to offer, no one tray combined all of the solutions he needed to see the target growth improvement results. So Van Belle did what we often do— we designed our own.

“We worked with a local company just down the road from the nursery that makes trays for the berry industry. Through a process of trial and error, and about two further years of development and testing, we created what I believe is the ideal tray,” says Diego.

Head Grower Diego Martinez shows the strength of the new RocketLiners® growing tray.
“The drainage is superb, and the ‘breathing channels’ are just the right depth for excellent root training and plant health. The RocketLiners® trays are also made from a long-lasting plastic that functions perfectly with our last innovation—the FloGo™ Shipping System, where plants are shipped potless. This will allow us to sterilize and re-use the trays for many years.”

In addition to growing youngplants for the North American market, Van Belle also produces a large volume of finished containers for mass merchants.  This provides the perfect testing ground to see how the new RocketLiners® perform in real container growing conditions.

“The results are brilliant,” says Van Belle Retail Ready grower Nigel Taggart.  “We’re always looking for ways to shorten our growing cycle, and we’re seeing the new RocketLiners® making that happen for us.  I believe our customers will have the same experience.”

For more about RocketLiners®, please contact your Account Representative.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring greater value to our customers, and I’m excited for our partners to experience the benefits of RocketLiners®, says Dave Van Belle, Van Belle’s president. ” This new liner is bigger, has better roots, and ships more efficiently.”

These roots are ready to launch! This Sambucus ‘Black Tower’ youngplant is the perfect example of how the ‘breathing channels’ and other design improvements in the new RocketLiners® tray provides exceptional drainage and allows more oxygen to reach the roots.
RocketLiners® launched at MANTS 2016, with a new booth and cool signage on the show floor.
Learn more about the benefits of RocketLiners® in your production.
Our launch team being interviewed by Nursery Management magazine.

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