We’re in the heart of summer trade show season and it began, once again, with another notable Cultivate show. Bloomin’ Easy® made headlines this year with a Retailer’s Choice Award for its Lavalamp™ Series of Hydrangea paniculata, including Candelabra™, Flare™ and Moonrock™.

Growers and retailers carrying Bloomin’ Easy can be proud of this win. If you offer these new & improved Hydrangeas, take advantage and mention the award to your customers and in your marketing messages.

Candelabra™, Flare™, and Moonrock™ offer unique colors as well as tidy, compact forms to better suit modern outdoor spaces.

Lavalamp™ Candelabra™

  • Candle-like flowers and form
  • 4-6’ tall and wide; very upright
  • Fragrant!

Lavalamp™ Flare™

  • Brightest red on a dwarf paniculata that we’ve seen
  • 2-3’ tall and wide; upright

Lavalamp™ Moonrock™

  • Massive funky blooms with strong lime-green center
  • 4-6’ tall and wide; upright
  • Winner of People’s Choice Award at Farwest 2016

The upcoming Farwest show in Portland is the next venue for judging, where the new Bloomin’ Easy® Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla and Date Night™ Strobe™ Weigela are contenders.

Stay tuned, and if you’re going to be at the show, we invite you to stop by our booth 8046 to say hi and see most of our new plants from both Bloomin’ Easy® and Proven Winners® ColorChoice®.

Happy growing,
Marketing Manager, Van Belle Nursery

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