If you’re like most people, this image represents the brainpower and achievement of the human race.

If you’re a wholesale nursery growing RocketLiners®, however, this image also represents your plants and profits taking off this season.

Engine Upgrade

For years, we were known in North America for our jumbo-sized ornamental young plants. Our true four inch liner was the engine of growth for finished grower partners over the last decade. Well, that engine got a serious upgrade.

The (Rocket) Scientist

This guy standing on a RocketLiner® tray to show off its durability is Diego Martinez. He’s our Head Grower and the person responsible for the innovation. Even though our classic product was great, he knew that with the right scientific research we could achieve more. In 2014 Diego set out on his mission.

Better Drainage

Van Belle Nursery gets a lot of rain. Our plants love the natural irrigation, but it can become too much for young plant root systems. Better drainage became our first priority for a new rooting container.

Trained Roots

Diego discovered that root training could improve with deeper vertical channels inside the rooting container. We call them breathing channels, and they train the roots to go down instead of circling to root-bound issues. Sufficient root training channels became another priority on our quest.

The Advantage

Years of results show that the size of our classic liners provided unique advantages for our customers. They allowed for potting straight into a 2 or 3 gallon pot, effectively removing the extra step to first grow a small pot before stepping up to a larger container. This saves a grower tremendous production costs as well as turnover speed. Therefore, we knew that our new product needed to be at least the volume as before.

The Solution

No pot or tray on the market gave us every improvement we wanted. So, we did what we normally do in this situation; we designed the solution ourselves.

Our patented RocketLiner® trays feature improved drainage, root training and 9% more volume than our classic liner. The results are greater fresh root mass, stronger, more adaptable roots, and plants that finish with great quality.

The Launch

We witnessed the benefits in our own finished container business and knew that if it worked for Van Belle Nursery, it would work for our partners.

Some growers are reporting that RocketLiners® are finishing weeks earlier than they’ve previously experienced. Nothing excites us more than to hear of our innovations making a positive impact in our industry.

Our patented RocketLiner® trays improve drainage, root training, and are larger than our previously competitive classic liner. The results are faster finishes, higher quality and bigger profits.

Are you Ready to Launch?

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