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Delivering the plants your customers want, with the service you deserve.

Retailing live goods comes with some unique challenges, like sourcing new plants, tracking lifestyle trends and managing logistics. 

That’s why we don’t just sell plants—we sell solutions. Our custom designed garden, patio and indoor plant programs arrive ready to sell.

So you can focus on what you do best.


Your customers dream of creating an attractive, relaxing outdoor space. We select improved shrubs, perennials and hardy edibles from top brands and breeding programs so you have something to offer every customer in your region.


When patio season arrives, it’s time to impress with head-turning, non-stop color. Featuring vibrant blooms in trendy decorative planters in a variety of sizes, there’s something for every outdoor space.

New on-trend plants and pot designs are added each season.

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Indoor Plants

The recent surge in houseplant popularity is well-deserved. They add natural beauty, reduce stress, clean the air and make us happy.

Today’s plant parent is searching out unique finds for their curated collection, so our purchasing team sources the newest varieties to keep our mix—and their social media feeds—fresh.

Seasonal and Holiday Programs

Themed plants for Fall, Christmas and smaller, non-traditional holidays are available to help extend your selling season.

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Trendsetting Programs

We connect current trends in home, lifestyle and consumer buying habits with the best plants on the market.
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Timed Right

Retail windows are short. Our growing, fulfillment and logistics teams work together to deliver the right product at the right time.
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Better Plants and Brands

Improved genetics have a longer shelf-life and perform better, boosting customer confidence.
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Full-Color Retail Tags

All plants ship with custom-designed retail tags designed and printed in our on-site print shop. No cookie-cutter generics!
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Professional Photography

Inspiring photos increase sales, so we have our own dedicated photographer capturing images in our studio and show gardens, year-round.
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Online Marketing

We can provide digital ad support and consumer engagement on social media timed to your program schedule.
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