BE relevant

We’re convinced that Bloomin’ Easy can meet consumers where they are by offering relevant products, eye-catching packaging and after-purchase support that inspires them to ‘jump-in.’

It starts with superior plant genetics that offer exceptional beauty and colour – plants that are more disease-resistant and lower maintenance, and which enable consumers to have success with their landscape project. And when they experience how Bloomin’ Easy our plants are, they’ll be back for more – because the products are relevant to their lifestyle.



BE supported

New for the sake of being new is not enough for Bloomin’ Easy exclusive selections. We select improved varieties that offer time-strapped homeowners unique aesthetic value and attributes that help make success easier for them.

Priority attributes include:

  • Low-maintenance
  • More compact
  • Disease-resistant
  • Extended flowering



BE better

Supporting every customer with care tips, how-to videos, and answers to their questions is just another step we take to provide value, cater to a lack of time, and ensure Bloomin’ Easy success.

Channels of support:

  • Easy to understand tag including text-to-sign-up code for variety specific care reminder emails.
  • Attractive and informative website aimed at casual gardeners.
  • Engagement via popular social media platforms including on-demand support and how-to videos.

BE involved

If you’re interested in growing or retailing Bloomin’ Easy plants, please contact us at Van Belle Nursery. Demand has exceeded expectations, so the sooner you call the better chance we have of getting you the product you need for your market.

For more information, contact Kevin Cramer, Marketing Manager.


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